•  sales are direct to any FFL holder.  If you don’t have an FFL, contact a local FFL holder in your area for the proper transfer of your firearm purchase.

Threaded Barrels will not be sold to residents of CT, CA, NY, District of Columbia or Hawaii.

  • PAYMENT: All parts orders are pre-paid. You may pre-pay your order with a cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks require a 10 day hold before shipment. Visa, Discover or MasterCard accepted. Handguns sales require 50% deposit. You may place an order on-line or by phone at 918-733-9200.
  • SHIPPING: All orders normally ship within 72 hours excluding holidays and weekends. On-line orders willreceive shipping notice with a tracking number. We ship UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail at a fixed rate of $11.99 (4 lb. limit) per order with the exception of small packages 13 oz. or less at only $8.50. Parts shipped over 4 lbs. will be actual UPS shipping charge plus $5.00 handling fee. Handguns will be shipped UPS at flate rate charge of $15.00 per gun.
  • RETURNS: Your satisfaction is important to us. Please call us for directions on returning merchandise. There will be a 15% restocking fee on all returned items with the exception of our barrels.  *See Barrel Guarantee below. We caution about buying products advertised as Nowlin over the Internet. For your protection, we recommend buying our products from our store or one of our approved distributors or dealers listed on our web site. No returns will be allowed if the product has been altered. No returns 30 days from invoice date.
  • CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE: By placing an order with Nowlin Arms Inc., the purchaser acknowledges that he understands the above terms and conditions and agrees to them without reservation. We consistently and constantly strive to improve our products, and therefore reserve the right to change designs, materials, specifications and/or prices without notice.
  • CUSTOMER NOTICE: No liability is expressed or implied for any damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of Nowlin products. We recommend that our products be installed and your weapon checked for safe operation by a competent gunsmith.
  • DISCOUNT PRICING: We offer discounts for distributors, dealers, military, students and law enforcement officials.
  • SPECIALS: Monthly specials are offered on our web site for all our valued customers.


Dealer and Distributor Sales

  • Our approved dealers and distributors are located on our web site.
  • Contact Angela Nowlin-Reagan at 918-733-9200 for details on becoming a dealer or distributor.

International Sales

For international sales, please contact our distributors at, or

Barrel Guarantee

Nowlin will test barrels returned by customers.  Maximum group guarantee with match ammo shot from a Nowlin “Barrel Test Machine”. Returned barrels must have compensators removed. Returned barrel tested, one only     $25.00 Additional barrels  $15.00 ea. (Please do not be in a hurry.  We test every 30 to 45 days.) Note:  If your returned barrel does not meet our accuracy requirements – there will be no test charge and you will receive a replacement barrel(s).  All barrels are tested in a fixed barrel test machine with match ammo.  Groups are five shots; average of three targets.  Targets are on record with Nowlin and supplied upon request. Warranty and Disclaimer Due to the complexities of compliance with Federal warranty law, all Nowlin products are sold “as is” and without any formal written warranty or guarantee of any kind. We continue to stand behind our products and services, and to care for our customers, but we cannot make guarantees for warranties of any kind. No liability is expressed or implied for incidental or consequential damage or injury which may result from the improper use or installation of any parts sold or produced by Nowlin Arms, Inc. Our parts are intended to be installed by a qualified gunsmith and parts are sold by us are only intended for factory specification standard velocity ammunition. Any verbal representations made by us related to installation, should be confirmed with your gunsmith to ensure safe operation of your firearm.


  • Our pre-fit parts are designed to fit into a blue-print spec Colt 1911-A1 style gun. If your gun is out of spec, it may not fit and/or may be unsafe. Therefore, we always recommend installation of parts by a qualified gunsmith.
  • Certain parts are designed for competition/target use only and should only be used by experienced shooters. These parts are intended for such use only and are not for other uses.
  • Improper modification of our parts can render them useless or even dangerous. We always recommend gunsmith installation of parts.
  • Action kits are prepped to go into a standard spec guns to produce the desired safe trigger pull. If your frame is out of spec, or other conditions exist, unsafe conditions may exist. Always have your gunsmith install your action kit.
  • Pre-fit barrels are design to go into a spec dimension gun with little or no fitting except in the bushing to slide/cone to slide area. We recommend a qualified gunsmith install these.

Thank you for your business!

Nowlin Arms