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Nowlin Arms, Inc. is recognized as one of the finest manufacturers of custom parts and accessories for the 1911 Auto and here’s why.

1911 Auto Match Barrels – #1 in Precision and Accuracy

Nowlin Custom Shop “pioneered” Cathode Electrode Discharge Machined (ECM) rifling in both revolver and automatic barrels, achieving the smoothest and most consistent rifled bores available, with amazing near net bore tolerance which accounts for increased velocity and the ultimate in accuracy. Our barrels are made from special lots of 416R stainless steel. Our barrels have extreme service life. Our customers tell us of Nowlin .45ACP barrels with 200,000+ rounds still going strong. 9mm/38 Super barrels will run well over 60,000 with jacketed ammo. We have reports of 130,000 rounds with good accuracy in Nowlin .38 barrels. Tight bore specs mean extra velocity and accuracy. Bores vary less than .0002″ from end to end. Barrel locking lugs are factory pre-cut to ensure firing pin striking primer dead center. Barrels are air gauged for bore dimension and test fired for accuracy.

1911 Auto Parts and Tools – Quality Machined Parts

Nowlin set another new standard with Chromium Silicon Springs. For decades, music wire was the industry standard for recoil, hammer and firing pin springs. Our introduction of the Chromium Silicon Spring set the new standard as the ultimate in durability. Progressive wound chromium silicon wire has been proven to give five times the effective life of music wire.

Nowlin has been a product innovator designing his own tools on the market today such as the Barrel Feet Alignment Tool and Ramped Barrel Frame Bridge Cutter…to name a few.

Our World Famous Action Kits and Sear Springs have also been well received in the industry.

We at Nowlin are proud to introduce to you our latest product line of 1911 Auto products. Don’t forget to check out our monthly specials which also includes new product introductory price specials! Please see our buyer beware information located under contact us or customer service.

It’s Nowlin Arms, Inc. for the best blend of performance, quality, and precision. If you want the best, then it’s Nowlin – #1 in barrels, parts and gunsmithing tools.