Speed Demon Action Kit

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1911 Speed Demon Action Kit

This hand fitted, precision adjusted action kit includes:  speed demon hammer, low mass sear, disconnect, hammer spring and sear spring. Each kit tested on series 70 frame for proper fit and function.

A professional 3 lb. trigger pull without all the work.  Ready to drop in parts put an ultra-smooth, clean breaking, professional quality trigger job in your 1911 Auto in only minutes.  Fully prepared, chamfered speed demon hammer (201SD) and pre-ground, pre-polished race sear, plus springs and fully-machined match disconnector, will install into most models of 1911 Autos with little or no fitting required.  Helps promote better trigger control and improved accuracy.

Fits 70 or 80 series. Made in USA.


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Weight 1.00 lbs


  1. 1920sracing (verified owner)

    A friend recommended this ignition kit to me and it is fabulous. I would not put another product into any of my 1911 type pistols and think it is better than having a gunsmith do a trigger job. It is extremely smooth and predictable and results in about a 3.5 pound trigger in the two guns I have installed it in. It is a drop in system for the most part….I had to sand the disconnector hole s bit but everything else just worked fine. Be sure and use all of the parts in the package your receive. You may also have to rework the thumb safety or have a gunsmith do this as you are replacing the sear

    • nowlinarms

      Thank you for your comments!

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