Barrel, Gunsmith, Ramped

Barrel, Gunsmith, Ramped



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Nowlin Barrel, Gunsmith, Ramped 

1911 MATCH BARRELS – 416R S.S. bar stock Barrels for strength with ultra smooth E.C.M. Rifling, 40 Rc hardness, 8 RMS bore finish.  

Triple heat treated, highest quality, superb match-grade barrels deliver maximum accuracy.  Groove and bore tolerances held to an amazing .0002” by electro-discharge cathode machining (ECM).    Rifling is ultra-smooth, uniform and precise.  Smoother bore boosts velocity with all barrel lengths. Unique, pre-cut design of the top lugs ensures maximum lug engagement and aligns firing pin dead center on primer.

These Nowlin barrels fit frames that have been bridge cut to Nowlin/Wilson. Our Nowlin ramped barrel is desirable for both improved function in some cartridges as well as better case head containment in high pressure loadings. The bores are an amazing 8 RMS smooth and when air gauged, vary less than 2/10,000″. That’s why they shoot less than 1/2″ @ 25 yards out of our barrel test machine. Less of the case head is exposed as compared to standard non-ramp barrels. Barrel hood, chamber, and bottom feet are gunsmith oversized. Use of Nowlin/Manson chamber reamer available from Brownells strongly recommended to avoid bore damage. Machining of the frame to accept a ramp is required if not already accomplished.

Available for:  Calibers  -.45ACP, .40 S&W, 10mm, 9mm, 9x23mm, .38 Super.  Lengths:  6″, Government 5″, Commander 4.25″.  Select Caliber and Length.

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Caliber and Length

6" 10mm, 6" 38Super, 6" 40S&W, 6" 45 ACP, 6" 9mm, 6" 9×23, Commander 10mm, Commander 38Super, Commander 40S&W, Commander 45 ACP, Commander 9mm, Commander 9×23, Govt. 10mm, Govt. 38S, Govt. 40S&W, Govt. 45ACP, Govt. 9mm, SELECT ONE


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