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1911 Auto Pro Match Hammer
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Pro Match Hammer

3-1/2" lb. Trigger Pull, Oustanding Durability

Fully prepped and ready to install for a lighter feeling, clean breaking trigger pull.  Fully-cut hooks and pre-ground engagement surfaces. Wire EDM and CNC machined to provide long life for competition use.  Also available in a kit (203Pro)  so you're ready to go with an ultra smooth, clean breaking, professional quality trigger job in your 1911 Auto in only minutes. Recommended use with Nowlin Pro Sear and Match Disconnector.

SPECS:  Tool Steel, matte finish, Rc53-55


We recommend installation by a qualified gunsmith.  This product is sold as is and without any warranty.  No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of this product.  

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